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The bumper to bumper car doctor of choice.

Time will dry out and crack the belts and hoses in your vehicle, and that can be a big problem! When a belt or hose goes wrong, it can cause problems with your engine that cost a lot to fix. Head off the problem with regular inspections, maintenance, and replacements for aging hoses and belts. Caring for your car is easy when you choose the 40-year industry veterans that are ASE certified as Master Technicians.

Replace aging hoses and belts

Since 1996, we've been the local experts in European makes and models. Trust us for belts, hoses, and all other repairs.

 •  Timing belt

 •  Alternator

 •  Water pump

 •  Fan

 •  Power steering pump

 •  And more!

It's the little things that make up your engine

Look for fraying, cracking, slipping, squealing, splitting, and other signs of problems with your belts and hoses. Come to us for routine check-ups, and let us follow manufacturer's guidelines to protect your vehicle! Choose us for repairs, and you'll enjoy the protection of our 1-year / 12,000-mile WARRANTY. Ask about pick-up and drop-off, too!

Keep an eye out for signs of wear

Trust the family owned, ASE certified team.


A new engine belt