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Your vehicle's differential is where the rotation of the drive shaft (powered by your engine) is communicated to your car's axles (where the wheels are attached). That's a perpendicular change, so it requires a special set of gears, protected by a box full of fluid. 4-wheel drive vehicles have 2 differentials: 1 in the front and 1 in the back. Your car's differential is essential, so make sure you keep it properly serviced!

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The case that holds your differential, and its fluid is an important part of your vehicle's system. Turn to the ASE certified Master Technicians that have been pleasing car owners since 1996, and get reliable transfer case care. You'll extend the life of your case, prevent oxidation and corrosion, and maintain a proper seal to avoid leaks. This may help keep your factory warranty in effect!

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Fixing a car's differential