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If your vehicle isn't running like it used to, or if you're seeing warning lights, then the time has come for maintenance! Staying on top of factory-recommended upkeep will help you get more out of your car, saving you money by preventing costly issues and problems. Don't go to any old generic dealer - instead, turn to the experts that know your vehicle's factory recommendations. We specialize in European models!

Have you lost that "new car feeling?"

Come to our clean, modern facility and let us put our more than 40 years of experience to work for you and your vehicle. We're ASE certified!

Regular maintenance may be required to keep your vehicle under warranty! Ask about our own 1-year, 12,000-mile WARRANTY on repairs, too. Our family-owned team protects you.

Maintain your vehicle's warranty

Check your manual to see how often you should bring your vehicle in. Some maintenance may be required at 5,000 or 3,000-mile intervals - and that's at a minimum! Come by more often if you use your vehicle in traffic, dust, or heat often, or if you tow heavy trailers.


• Factory Scheduled Maintenance

• Complete Brake Service & Repair

• Complete Engine Performance Diagnostics

• Lube Oil and Filter Services

• Electrical Diagnosis & Repairs

• Steering and Suspension Services

• Front End Repair

• Heating and A/C Service

• Cabin filter replacement

• Fluid exchange services

• Fuel system services

• Fuel pumps

• Fuel filters

• Injection systems

• Throttle bodies

• Carburetors

• Ignitions

• Spark plugs

• And more!

Your one-stop shop for maintenance work

Serving Brea, California since 1996.


A mechanic changing a car's oil