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Charlie's Auto Tech

The bumper to bumper car doctor of choice.

Trust our ASE certified Master Technicians, and rely on our more than 40 years of experience under the hood. We love cars and seeing them run right, and we price our work competitively. Ask about our 1-year / 12,000 mile WARRANTY on repairs!

While we service any make and model, we specialize in Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Turn to us for reliable car care

Our family-owned team specializes in European vehicles, but works on all kinds of makes and models or cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Auto repair

•Air Conditioning






•Engine Diagnostics

•Check Engine Light



•Fuel System


Air conditioning

•Complete AC Testing & Repair

•AC Recharge



•Complete Pad/Lining/Rotor Replacements

•Anti-Lock Diagnostics

•Hose & Line Replacement

•Fluid Exchange

•Hydraulic Problems (ABS wipers, wheel cylinders)

•Power Booster

•Emergency Brake

•Diagnosis & Repair

•Chemical Brake Fluid Service

•Rear Drums & Shoes

•Lifetime Brake Pads & Shoes Available

•Machine Lathe

•Traction Control

•BG Brake Fluid Flush

•Traction Control


Coolant System Services

•Radiator, Trans Cooler & heater Core

•Factory Coolant Service

•Hoses & Belts


•Fan Clutch

•Electric Fan

•Water Pump

•Retro Fitting

•Coolant Leaks

•Install Tracer Dye



Electrical Service

•Starter & Alternator

•Electrical Diagnostic and Repair

•Power Accessories

•Heater & AC Controls

•Electrical Wiring




•Door Locks

•Cruise Control

•Warning Lights

•Battery & Cables

•Battery Terminal Cleaning

•BG Battery Service

Engine Service

•Check Engine Light

•Poor / Erratic Performance

•Major/Minor Tune-Up

•Timing Belt

•Fuel System Testing

•Engine Rebuild/Remanufactured


•Computer Re-Flashing


•No Start


•Remove & Replace Head Gasket

•Intake Manifold and Gasket Replacement

•Oil Leaks

•Motor Flush

•30/60/90 Mile Factory Maintenance



•Custom Systems

•Diagnosis and Repair


•Exhaust Pipes

•Tail Pipes

•Crossover Pipes

•Clamps & Hangers

•Exhaust Manifolds

•Catalytic Converters

•Gasket Replacement

•Dual Systems


Fuel System

•Line and Tank Replacement

•Injector, Plenum, Cylinder Decarbonization

•Fuel Pressure Analysis

•Injector Pulse Analysis

•Fuel Pump, injector, Filter Replacement


•BG Chemical Fuel System Service

•Sending Unit

•Chemical Fuel System Service

•Carburetor Adjustment & Rebuild

•Fuel Filters Gas & Diesel

•Fuel System Flush


Oil Change 

•Oil & Filter (Full Range of Lubricants)

•Chassis Lube



Fluid Service

•Brake System Flush

•Power Steering Fluid Flush

•Transmission Fluid Flush

•Coolant System Flush

•BG Fluid Flushes

•Fuel Injection System Cleaning

•Front Differential

•Rear Differential

•Transfer Case

Ask us what we can do for you

• Mercedes


• Toyota

• Lexus

• Infinity

• Nissan

• Volkswagen

• Audi

• Ford

• Chevy


• Scion

• Chrysler

• Dodge

• Jeep

• Porsche

• Volvo

• Land Rover

• Jaguar

• Kia

• Honda

• Hyundai

• Subaru

• Mini cooper



We're ready for your make and model

Ask about local pick-up and drop-off!


We do fleet service!

• Priority service

• Computerized records

• Personal service


As always, you'll enjoy low prices and the protection of our WARRANTY!

Preventative Maintenance

•30K/60K/90K Mile Factory Service

•Transmission Service

•Cabin & Engine Air Filter

•Wiper Blades

•Washer Fluid

•Battery Service

•Axle & Differential Fluid Service

•Brake Fluid Service

•Power Steering Service

•Fuel System Decarbonization



•Radiator Fluid Service

•Radiator Flush



•Monroe Shocks / Struts

•Moog Chassis Parts (ball joints, steering linkage, bushings, links)

•Drive Axles, CV Boots & U-Joints

•Steering Racks

•2 & 4-Wheel Alignment

•Noise, Ride, Vibration Problems

•Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System

•Vibration Problems

•Chassis Parts (ball joints, steering linkage, bushings, links)

•Struts / Shocks


•Control Arms

•TieRod Ends

•WheelHub Bearings


•Suspension Fabrication

•Frame Replacement



•Rust Repairs

•Lift Kits

•Lowering Kits

•Lifetime Suspension Parts Available



•New Tire Selection

•Used Tires

•Flat Repair

•Wheel Alignment

•Wheel Balancing

•Tire Rotations

•Tires & Rim Cleaning





•Rebuild Transmissions

•Remanufactured Service

•Manual or Auto Clutches

•Slipping and Grinding



•BG Transmission Flush

•Transmission Fluid Service


Miscellaneous Services

•Serpentine Belts/Tensioner

•Bulb Replacement

•Headlight Refinishing

•Generator Fluid Service



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